"The person who makes
a success of living is
the one who sees his goal
steadily and aims for it
unswervingly. That is
dedication" -Cecil B. DeMille

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Homeowner Tips

We thank you for the opportunity to bid on your roof replacement, and we offer the following tips to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Call the BBB @ 817-332-7585 for a report of each roofing company, find out what kind of reputation they've earned, or view the Business Reliability Report.
  2. Does each company offer a business address that you can visit, or are they working out of the back of a pickup or out of their garage?
  3. Verify how long they've been in business, look in phone books and yellow pages over several years.
  4. Get references of previous customers, ask if they had a pleasant experience, check the workmanship of the finished product.
  5. Check on one of their jobs in progress, is the job kept clean and the project completed in a timely manner.
  6. Compare the estimates, do they all include new felt, metal edging, vents, etc., or are they reusing existing products?
  7. Make sure the roofing materials are name brand quality shingles, not seconds or salvage without wrappers.
  8. Be informed of what grade of roof you currently have, in comparison with the new roof to be installed.
  9. It is very important that your roofing contractor installs the new roof according to the manufacturer's specifications in order for your warranty to be valid.
  10. If this is an insurance claim, no money should be paid until the roof is complete and inspected.

We know your home is important to you, and an informed decision on your new roof can enhance the appearance and value. We hope these tips will help take away the stress and worries in choosing your roofing contractor.


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